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Dr. Mark Winther, FACEp



Dr. Winther is trained and boarded in Emergency Medicine and works full time in the emergency department. He is Chief of Emergency and Trauma Services of a large healthcare network, where he oversees the care provided in six emergency departments and three urgent cares. Dr. Winther has an active medical legal consulting practice where he provides expert witness services, independent case review, expert witness referrals and deposition assistance.  

What We Do


Expert Witness

We specialize in the field of emergency medicine and urgent care.  Was the standard of care met?  Allow us to help you determine if so.  We do work for both plaintiff and defense attorneys.


Other Services

  • On and off site review of case validity and value
  • Help with strategies to promote medical theories
  • Interpretation of meaning, or lack thereof, of medical reports & records
  • IME Observation
  • Referral to appropriate expert medical witnesses
  • Medical Research
  • Facilitation of communication with clients, families, professionals and service & governmental agencies
  • Independent Record Review
  • Deposition Assistance: Table-side or question preparation
  • Facilitation of communication with treating providers

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New York Physicians Medical Legal Consulting, LLC.

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